The body is a self-regulating, energetic and enclosed system which continually attempts to regulate itself into a state of balance.

MANUAL THERAPY refers to various types of bodywork which manually manipulate the body’s soft tissues to achieve a state of either relaxation or provide relief for imbalances.  MASSAGE is one type of manual therapy.  For relaxation, we tend to follow Swedish massage techniques, and for therapeutic work, we tend to use deep tissue techniques to achieve pain relief and to re-balance the system.

What’s the difference between Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage treatments?

Soft tissues of the body lie underneath the skin and include tendons, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissue (fascia).  The techniques used and expectations of the client influence the outcomes of the massage treatment.

Our body is a dynamic and inter-connected system comprising of fascia (an immense network of connective tissue which supports and covers all structures within our body, including cells), nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscle fibres, lymph, energetic pathways, skin and venous systems.  Imbalances in any of these systems can cause symptoms including tension which can manifest as acute, chronic, localized or generalized pain.  Manipulation of the soft tissues aims to relieve these symptoms.